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Vaccines have zero supporting science, only fake studies, lies and corruption. Even Pasteur was a crook !

Yes, the science behind vaccine is ‘solid’ as they proudly say, but, unfortunately, science solidly says vaccine offer NO protection. Bygones, don’t fall into that scam.

The non science behind vaccination being finally exposed more and more, as well as its lethal side effects, their true purpose is now also surfacing clearly. It’s there for everybody to see.

We must stop this madness, which is part of the Obama healthsickness bill btw : Kids being given 5 vaccines at a time in Denver If no one fights for this, kids are going to be very sick all their life. Remember, squalene is given to lab animals to STERILIZE them. DISCLAIMER : I must […]

Senate Bill S4779B allows girls to be vaccinated against HPV without parents’ consent or KNOWLEDGE.
That’s a very clever way to poison kids and make it impossible to link future diseases to vaccines !