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Since 99% of Germany income tax will go to the bankster to repay the debt, the German are now officially their slaves, for the unforeseeable future.

Flying has been a very safe way to travel so far, even with one terrorist attack every decade, but things may change very soon since pilots are now allowed to fly when taking anti-depressants. In the meantime, smoking pot at home is a crime because … eeehhhh … I don’t know … you put the whole country at risk … somehow … maybe ?

Your kids do not belong to you but to the government, who will take it from you if you ever raise your kiddo to mistrust the government.

The healthcare bill is about creating a huge pipeline of money for Wall Street, and destroying the Constitution.

Just like unemployment figures misrepresenting the number of jobless people by 50%, the FED money supply figures do not reflect the actual money supply by a long shot. Are they stupid or do they do it on purpose ?

If any US citizen shows opposition to the government or questions the ethics of some bills going through, then the government can kidnap them and hold them for questioning without any rebuttal through this unconstitutional bill being proposed in the senate.