Parents, you MUST read this post.  I have copied entirely a recent article written by scientists who confirm everything I have written about vaccines before : it is a SCAM, the science is absolutely totally BOGUS.

The science, the facts, the statistics, everything points in the same direction : say NO to any type of vaccination. It DOESN’T WORK, it WILL NEVER WORK.

It is all organized by the FDA, CDC, WHO and funded by Big Pharma and Bill Gates foundation to turn kids into lifelong customers by hurting their immune system as early as possible.

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MIRACL laser hitting the DeepWater rig.jpeg I know, I know, we never hear about MIRACL satellites … simply because they are classified weapons. This picture is an official picture, not a fake made by some crackpot. Read the rest of this entry »

dollardees.jpg Happy 4th of July ! The Us is a free country but it can’t get free of the FED ugly tentacles.

The US government debt for 2010 ALONE is 1.5 Trillion. The ONLY solution to come up with that kind of money is the FED printing it !

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With all the bailouts, and now the recently approved 123 billions that the German government is going to give to the new european fund or bank or whatever they will call it to ‘rescue’ countries in a difficult situation, such as Greece, Italy etc, Germany has enslaved all its population, once and for all.

Why ? Because at this stage, 99% of the income tax will be used to repay the banks, you know those people in suit that produce absolutely nothing, except problems all over the world.
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Will you be surprised if I tell you that there is a perfect solution to remove the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico and that it is totally ignored ?

It is a powder that binds with anything made from oil (oil, benzene, etc) and turns it into a solid mud that you can easily collect and leaves the water clean.

Instead, they chose Corexit, the MOST toxic product possible, that works far worse than anything else, and that drags the oil to the bottom of the ocean.

If that is not done on purpose, they have discovered new depths into human stupidity.

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From the top of my mind the US will have to pay about 5 trillion$ in the next 12 months alone (no wonder everything is accelerating now). But at least, they can print dollar bills as long as the sun shines or, at least, as long as there are enough trees.

But Europeans have put themselves into a financial abyss.  In a new study reported in the Financial Times Deutschland, Willem Buiter, a blogger for the Financial Times and the chief economist of Citigroup, said that the Eurozone governments owed 7 trillion euros to the banks and that at least 500 billion interest on the sovereign debt bonds would have to be paid every year.   Read the rest of this entry »

electrical_hands.jpg Today, it is undeniable that electromagnetic waves hurt the body in many ways big time.

Although power distribution companies and devices manufacturers will always claim the opposite, as usual, many studies expose the problems clearly. Here we will focus only on low frequency radiations (LF), ie all electrical devices, ie anything that is connected to a power outlet.

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dietcola_poison.jpg Here is a story from a famous investment advisor that I and many others received yesterday. After this, you need to decide if you want it in your body, even when you are not flying …

Aspartame was discovered by mistake by researchers who were trying to develop a new pesticide and IS still used as a pesticide today, … that says it all ! To me, those chemicals look more like POISON than food … !

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not_sleeping.jpgTired all the time because you can’t sleep well ? Can’t heal completely no matter how many drugs you take ? Have you heard of Geopathic stress ?. If you don’t know what harms you, how can you get better ?

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I summarized in this post all you need to know to fully understand that vaccines are a myth and a scam. Please read it carefully, I have no hidden agenda and I weighed every word. I have researched this topic for years, read books, talked to doctors, spent hours reading about it or watching doctors interviews. I am p… off by doctors attitude and by seeing kids turning into zombies or paralyzed, with total indifference from doctors. Read the rest of this entry »