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A powerful MIRACL laser was shot at the Transocean rig exactly the same day that the well exploded 4,000 feet below the surface. Coincidence ?

It was known from the beginning that there were other holes in the sea bed. This ‘successful cap’ is just a show to avoid taking responsibility for the other leaks that were now since the beginning, because now, the ‘new’ leaks will be presented as new. Listen to their empty excuses “We did all we could” …

FREE means SPYING and CENSORSHIP. If you really believe that Facebook is not controlled by the CIA or another spying agency, then you need this Red Pill very bad. The march by politicians is on all over the world to censor free speech on the internet.

There are over 800 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty… for now. At least we know WHERE they are.

In another blatant waste of money and purposeful fighting the wrong fights, the USA has just agreed to send FORTY SIX WARSHIPS and 7,000 soldiers to Costa Rica to fight the war on drugs ! Yeah, another big war, the world is threatened by drug trafficking… US soldiers will be given FULL IMMUNITY !

Cyber attacks… that’s the new Hollywood craze the US government is making up to pass new regulations to give Obama the right to SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET FOR FOUR MONTHS. And you are supposed to believe them when they tell you that ‘terrorist cyber criminals have ‘attacked’ a website, or stolen money from a bank … yeah right !

How do BP and the US government brilliantly handle the oil spill nightmare ? Simple ! They allow no one close to the shores and turn into criminals those who take pictures. Problem solved !

This is VERY DISTURBING ! A powerful laser has been shot from a MIRACL satellite at the Deepwater exactly on April 20. April 20 is also the birthdate of Adolf Hitler !

The only way for the US Government to repay its 2010 debt of 1.5 Trillion is for the FED to PRINT several TRILLION$ this year. This will vaporize instantly 50+% of all american savings. Happy July 4th !

Since 99% of Germany income tax will go to the bankster to repay the debt, the German are now officially their slaves, for the unforeseeable future.