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SEC allows New Jersey fradulent $27 billion municipal bonds emission to continue.

What protection can traders expect when the SEC itself steals TRILLIONS by the shovel from traders ? They are being sued, and won’t give back the money. Financial markets are just a sophisticated casino designed to empty traders’ pockets.

Obama is pushing his Cap and Trade using the Gulf oil spill because he and his friends are going to make HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS PER YEAR from taxing the Chicago Climate Exchange. Global warming is a scientific scam to justify Cap and Trade.

Hundreds of manufacturers have KNOWINGLY built thousands of products with faulty capacitors, instead of replacing them. They WILL blow up, and customers will pay, businesses will suffer.

The only way for the US Government to repay its 2010 debt of 1.5 Trillion is for the FED to PRINT several TRILLION$ this year. This will vaporize instantly 50+% of all american savings. Happy July 4th !

Since 99% of Germany income tax will go to the bankster to repay the debt, the German are now officially their slaves, for the unforeseeable future.

European countries are stuck into a deadly trap because they cannot print money to refund their debt. They have to borrow it from a bank, which creates an even bigger debt. Europeans are now bank slaves.

The healthcare bill is about creating a huge pipeline of money for Wall Street, and destroying the Constitution.

One million fake gold bars can hit the market anytime, but it will only when it suits bankers purpose.

Just like unemployment figures misrepresenting the number of jobless people by 50%, the FED money supply figures do not reflect the actual money supply by a long shot. Are they stupid or do they do it on purpose ?