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Geopathic stress will turn your beautiful house into a nightmare because you can’t see it. Thousands of people suffer from insomnia, restless kids, fatigue, depression, back pain, cancer, MS, and are never told about the problem because ‘it has not been proven’. Well, now, it HAS.

Big pharma is desperate to keep the vaccination myth alive, and their snakes start making bolder and falser claims, easy to debunk. See how Dr Mercola ridicules one of them.

Dolphins in a water park have suddenly started blowing bubble rings through their blowholes. How can air be blown in a ‘circular’ way? Why do these rings hold together instead of spreading to the surface? Are other dolphins on the planet suddenly going to catch that skill too?

I posted recently an article about how 52 officials from FDA, CDC, WHO and big pharma experts met in secret to hide the results of a dramatic study exposing that since 1991, the estimated number of cases of autism had increased fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166 children due to the mercury in the vaccines. The article has disappeared, and I am reposting it here in full.

Scientific studies have now proven definitively that geopathic stress affects human biology in a significant way. So, if you can’t sleep well or heal, maybe your bed is above a geopathic stress, and it is time to remedy that situation.

Although power distribution companies and devices manufacturers claim otherwise, studies have clearly shown that electrical devices and wires will HURT you in many different ways. For instance, they lower the level of melatonin which is a potent cancer-fighter. Also you CAN’T SLEEP well with low levels of melatonin.

Aspartame is so safe that it turns into a poison when it breaks down into your body. One drink is enough to paralyze you, at least partially. Give it to your kids, it’s goooood !

Some negative zones on Earth (aka Geopathic) are known stressors to the human body. Geopathic stress is real, it has been measured, and it affects you 24×7 ! But there is a SOLUTION !

Vaccines have zero supporting science, only fake studies, lies and corruption. Even Pasteur was a crook !

Yes, the science behind vaccine is ‘solid’ as they proudly say, but, unfortunately, science solidly says vaccine offer NO protection. Bygones, don’t fall into that scam.