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This  blog is named after the movie ‘The Matrix’ in which Keanu Reeves is offered the choice between taking a red pill to see the world as it really is, totally made up in his mind but with a chance to free himself from the machines, or a blue pill, to keep dreaming and being used as a mere battery by them … My opinion is that the world needs a ton of red pills to really see the lies that we are fed from our first breath.

My passion is to research the TRUTH in health and life in general using scientific methods, ie FACTS verified by several independent people and from different angles.

Yes, FACTS, no matter where they come from, the source is not that important but the content is, and the way it is looked upon with logic and no bias.  Liars (governments, big corporations, media) will never come out and tell it straight to your face, you must look after their contradictions, and the evidence that is always well buried.

If you have problems with facts, and prefer to hide behind unproven beliefs and quack science, just to ‘feel good’, this site is not for you.  Take the blue pill and keep reading the newspaper and watching TV !

But, keep in mind that, you are making the choice with every decision you take, consciously or unconsciously, so why not do it consciously ? Why not take the chance to stop feeding yourself and your kids with dangerous beliefs and harmful products and drugs ?

I don’t care if I upset doctors, university professors, politicians or big pharma, they all have agendas to push unproven/harmful products to gullible consumers. The rabbit hole is very deep.

I apologize if red pills are hard to swallow, if the information that I provide will make you feel like hit in the face at times, but that’s what most need to realize that they are hurting their loved ones when there are magnificent technologies and cures hidden from them.

No, this is NOT a conspiracy site, all I am going to write is backed by proven, unshakable facts, but I agree that sometimes the implications are not funny to deal with.  If you do not like my interpretations, at least keep the FACTS in mind, and see how you can process the facts that the whole population is being poisoned and kept in the dark about what could transform life on Earth into a paradise.  Maybe you do not want a paradise after all, that is your right, but then at least decide it consciously and have the courage to admit it, and give the others around you the choice too

Today, it is possible to cure cancer without drugs, it has been for the last 30 years, but big pharma has removed all the stops to keep you from knowing about it.

It is also possible to live well without burying yourself into debts and working 50 hours a week, there ARE wonderful alternatives, all it takes is you change your beliefs about a few things.

And, yes, it is possible to produce energy from the quantum flux field without burning anything, but big oil does not want you to have it.  Get the picture ?

When are you going to have enough of it ?
When are you going to start taking red pills ?

You could be totally healthy, making your own energy for free, working 20 hours a week, and spending the rest of your time doing what you like.  Isn’t it worth a few reality checks from time to time ? Is it that painful to be wrong, and learn something ?

That is governments and big corporations ultimate nightmare because you would not need them anymore !

The powers in place want you to be uninformed and fearful.  I want the opposite.  What do YOU want ? Staying asleep and dumb is not an option anymore in case you did not notice how the world is going down at an increased pace, with more and more shocking decisions taken by all the governments of the planet.

They use all disinformation tactics to keep you confused, stressed and begging for their services.  Do you feel sometimes like you are living inside a movie ? Well, you are, because all your sources of information, especially the mainstream media, are controlled by a very select few.  The media only presents you the information they decide is best to keep you uninformed about what is really going on, carefully omitting the facts that could wake you up, and twisting everything else to keep you confused and overwhelmed.

The solution is to WAKE UP, take as many red pills as you can, and upgrade yourself into a better informed self-thinking YOU.

They want you to become their slaves, always sick and unhappy, working all your life to make banks richer, you know those morons who produce nothing but problems.  Don’t you feel already like that, a slave, with no options but to continue digging your own hole ?

If you notice anything that goes in the opposite direction, just let me know ! I am not holding my breath …


Everything I say on this website is to make you THINK by yourself.  I do not support or encourage any act of physical violence, only peaceful awareness !

If you are outraged by some of the information, look at yourself first because YOU have contributed to the current situation by your actions and your choices, so start leaning your own house first.

Although all the information and products mentioned on this website have been tested successfully by many people, and are based on true science, but you are solely responsible for your health choices.

As a result, we are not responsible for your health, the information provided on this site is only to inform you, and we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before you take any decision.

All material and information presented on this website is intended to be used for educational and/or informational purposes only.

No product or information on this website is, in any way, a substitute for professional medical care.

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Do not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Please consult your own physician or healthcare practitioner immediately if you have medical concerns.


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