I already told you that the Transocean rig was hit by a MIRACL laser shot from a satellite.

Look at the pictures below, the huge hole in the helicopter pad, and make up your own mind.  These things don’t happen by ‘chance’.

See my first post about the MIRACL laser shooting down the rigthis one and this one.

Look at the pictures below …. and now, THINK! Do you really believe that it is purely coincidental that a laser is shot from space exactly the same day as when the well started leaking 4,000 feet below the surface? And a few seconds before the first explosion. And that the media  ‘failed to notice’ it ?

It is hard to believe it, but facts are facts: NOTHING else can explain that kind of hole in the helicopter pad!

“Experts declared the hole could only be created by a space-based laser weapon called MIRACL, or Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser – the only known successful direct energy weapon developed by the U.S. Navy.”

If you cannot accept that it is a coincidence, then the conclusions are staggering: it was all done on purpose! But what purpose? Well, look at the end result! Millions of gallons of the most toxic dispersant possible, Corexit, poisoning the ecosystem, the food chain and water for millions of coast residents.

And, they are STILL spraying Corexit from planes TODAY, after the well has ‘supposedly’ been plugged.

And no word from the US government about it, they just let BP follow their plan from the beginning. Whose plan?

It’s the Bilderbergers’ depopulation agenda, running at full speed, using bigger and bigger toys.

Things that go boom in the night

Of all the places on earth to choose to camp overnight, a group of fishermen pulled their boat 50-miles off-shore under the protective cover of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig.  When they were awakened by a series of “booms” shaking the rig, one of the men – a marine biology student – immediately began filming the series of events that would quickly become the top news story on earth.

Once returning home, the video was quickly loaded onto YouTube –  important, the marine biology student believed – especially considering he had captured a massive beam of of intense purple-blue light projecting from the oil rig upwards into the sky from the exploding platform.  “Very clear, intense and pronounced during the first thirty seconds of tape, then faded to just a faint trace three minutes later at the conclusion of the video.” (Interesting to notice that the witness assumed the beam of light was originating from the rig, emanating upward, as if it were possible to see the direction of a beam of light). The video did not last online very long, before it was – as is common these days – removed.

But at least, we have the pictures.