Geopathic stress has been known for millenia.  There are more than 11,000 reported cases of people suffering from all possible diseases, including cancer, and yet scientists ridicule it, instead of looking for explanations.

Underground water and other energetic problems WILL turn your life in your beautiful house into a nightmare. Insomnia, restless kids, fatigue, depression, back pain, cancer, MS? ‘Tried it all, didn’t work?’ Here is why.

You know how scientists and doctors think, right? If it is not proven, it does not exist, it is not true, and won’t look into it, even if millions of people are exposed to it.  Even if 11,000 cases have been reported.  They prefer to laugh rather than learn something.  They won’t even talk to you about it, because ‘it’s not proven‘. Well, not, it IS.

So, if your house, or simply, your bed, lies on a geopathically stressed zone, coming for instance, from an underground aquifer, it will hurt you throughout your life, repetitively, night after night.

Now, skeptics and ‘science-based’ people are the ones to be laughed at because geopathic stress has not only been measured with scientific instruments, but one PROVEN way that it hurts the human body has also been explained using state-of-the-art discoveries about cellular biology.

A recent study has proven without possible discussion that geopathic stress is a real phenomenon and that it can be measured with electronic equipments.  Its existence cannot be ignored or ridiculed by skeptics anymore.  Period.

Did you know that …

ALL unsolved cancer clusters sit

above underground aquifers

Yes, that’s true, you only need to look at the MAPS.

This ARTICLE explains one certain way how human physiology is harmed by geopathic stress using advanced discoveries about physiology, how cells communicate, how chemical reactions within cells are regulated.

In short, you will see below that it has been PROVEN that cells communicate with biophotons emitted by the DNA, and that biophotons also regulate the 100,000 chemical reactions that happen within every single cell, every second of every day.

It is clear that photons are responsible for making  the 100 trillion cells of the human body work, in total harmony. Without biophotons, we would be a puddle of chemicals.  Cellular biologists could never explain why, after all, the hundreds of thousands of different chemicals in the human body ‘know’ with which one to react, or how they ‘find their way’ throughout the body to ‘find each other’.

Biophotons are the answer, and it is precisely biophotons that geopathic stress interfere with.  Period.

See the article for more detailed scientific explanations and links.

Educate yourself people, drugs won’t save you against geopathic stress.

Fortunately, there is AN EASY SOLUTION.

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