This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.  Dolphins making bubble rings with their blowholes …

Even more incredible, those bubbles do not rise to the surface, like any honest bubble would do, but stick together and can be reshaped??  Watch and prepare to be amazed.

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Remember the ‘100 monkey’ theory, where monkeys on other islands suddenly learned all at the same time how to clean potatoes using sea water after the number of monkeys doing it in one particular island reached a certain threshold ?

Is it going to be the same with dolphins? Are we going to see a ‘100 dolphin’ theory too? Has it already started?

This shows that there is so much we don’t understand yet.  How is it possible to blow air in a ‘circular’ way? Why do these bubbles hold together instead of spreading to the surface ? Is something as simple as the Archimedes principle not so true after all ?

These rings ‘stick’ so much together, that dolphins can reshape and play with them, even when the ring is half gone!

I am not sure if the laws of physics can explain this since they are still struggling to explain how water can retain information (homeopathy) for instance.

If you know anything about that, any research, let me know.

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