Do you REALLY believe what BP and the US government tells you about the oil spill? Insiders, whistleblowers have reported several leaks since the beginning, and said that the ocean floor is cracked.  BP itself admitted damage of the sea bed a month ago, but they sure do not want to be accountable for that.  So BP and CNN hypnotized everybody with the same video stream for months, and never mentioned the other leaks.  I was wondering when and how they were going to announce it eventually.  The more they waited, the worse it would get for all of them.

Actually, no, it is quite the opposite… It is the opposite because after 90 days of oil leaking, the waters are so polluted everywhere that you probably won’t notice the second leak anymore… unless you are BP and you dive 1,000 feet down below the sea level.  Good luck to you to get the truth from them at this stage…

Even wondered why they managed to plug the hole with standard technology that was available from the first day ? Those people are not stupid, if they let the oil spill so much, it means they wanted that result, to hide the second leak and probably other reasons too (Cap and Trade for instance).  You can disagree with everything I say, but not with the fact that they could do 3 months ago what they did just last week.  Period.

Then, when I heard their announcement that they were going to finally cap the well, and their pressure limits mumbo jumbo (over the last 3 days, BP has walked the “integrity” goalpost down from as high as 9,000 psi to 6,700 psi), I immediately thought that they were going to first pretend that they managed to plug the hole (yihaa, everybody dance!), and then, “unfortunately, the oil is now spilling from another place, we did all we could”.

Yeah, sure.  You see, this thing stinks (no pun intended) since the beginning.  It’s all secret meetings, cover ups, private militia, new laws, spreading poisons, cleaning crews that don’t clean, and a very dirty agenda.

I already said it is a false flag, for many reasons: insider trading from BP CEO and Goldman Sachs for once, and also Halliburton purchased an oil spill prevention company called Boots & Coots.  There are never coincidences with crooks of that caliber.  They just make sure they can invoke plausible deniability with miserable peasants like us who would dare to question them.

The incident itself has been misreported because it was a MIRACL laser fired from a satellite which carved a long hole in the aluminum helicopter deck while causing the explosion of the rig.  This explains many things, among which why BP was warned about the increasing gas pressures by Halliburton and did nothing to prevent a potential problem.

If you start from the fact that they did it on purpose, you can easily understand why they issued a law to keep everybody, reporters included, away from the water, declared the Gulf a no-fly zone, and even issued a new law turning picture takers into felons.  Oh, I almost forgot, they also turned away every ship that came to the rescue, and any help from foreign governments. This is the pattern of honesty, I am sure you agree, or is it more the pattern of criminals who try to cover their tracks?

Even the use of a toxic dispersant that very conveniently hides the oil under the surface instead of the perfect solution to clean the oil.

Just like everything these days, it all fits together when you assume that the governments, bankers and big pharma are all conspiring to create a New World Order. The financial crisis is the perfect example where they made things worse by giving more money to the bankers, and more power to the FED.  Solve alcoholism with vodka, yeah, it works.

Fast forward 90 days, and look at the situation now : BP is in control of the Gulf, their private militia handles people, even the local police, the US government does all it can to let them do their dirty work, they even refuse their sick employees to talk to the press or go to public hospitals.  The Gulf of Mexico has become BP’s playground.

This gigantic disaster also serves the purpose of the globalists who want to trigger chaos to pass their filthy agenda of a non-elected tyrannic one world government.  Those people are freaking nuts.  It is like 911, when all the parties involved had ‘their share of the pie’: big oil got the Iraq fields; the US government and globalists had their war on terror to justify any new freaking law against ‘terrorists’; traders with advanced knowledge made a fortune (massive put options on airlines had been purchased the day before); and the rescuers got poisoned by asbestos, which was very good for big pharma.

In this case, they decided to pick Corexit, the most devastating dispersant possible (outlawed anywhere else in the world!), when it is known to rupture blood cells, cause internal bleeding and allows oil to penetrate into the cells and every organ of the human body.  This dispersant will poison the waters for a long time; it will poison people inland too (inhalation, rain) so big pharma also has its share in this disaster.  Biggest winner, like with 911, BIG OIL! BP has now the Gulf all for itself.


One last thing: Corexit is produced by Nalco.   A search of Corexit producer, Nalco, leads right to the doorstep of Goldman Sachs! Yes, Goldman Sachs owns a controlling interest in Nalco (via Apollo Management). (LINK) If you dig a little deeper you will find Nalco is also associated with Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, George Soros, and Hathaway Berkshire. (LINK)(LINK)  Why am I not surprised? Always the same people!