Sorry to shatter your ilusions, but FREE means SPYING and CENSORSHIP.  If you really believe that Facebook is not controlled by the CIA or another spying agency, then you need this Red Pill very bad.

There is a global movement by politicians all over the world to censor free speech on the internet.  See my other post.  If you don’t fight this, we’ll all end up in a Chinese type of controlled world.  I am NOT kidding, Senator Joe Lieberman publicly advocates that we move towards a controlled internet similar to China’s.  The writing is on the wall ! 

We are so used to get so much stuff online for free, that we do not even question anymore why we get it free.  There are always strings attached.  Facebook is a gigantic data collection enterprise to spy on you.  If you really believe the CIA is not behind it, then you are really naive.  Do you even realize the power someone has when he knows your friends, your habits, your desires ?It’s more than marketing, it’s population control.  People are making governments’ wet dreams come true: knowing it all about ‘their’ citizens.  And ‘their’ means ‘theirs’, if you see what I mean.

Of course, it is always for a bogus reason … SECURITY ! Yeah, sure, let’s all live in a prison cell, it’s far more secure.  People, the real terrorists are those who want to silence the whistleblowers, those who create fake terror attacks, those who let BP poison the Gulf of Mexico, those who want to shut down the internet, or jail people who take pictures of what BP is doing in the Gulf.  This is no invention but facts, pure hard facts based on ongoing official government projects or announcements.

It is not rare these days to see an annoying report (on cell phones, big pharma, etc.) banned from broadcasting because it exposes what governments and big corporations do to the people.  Honest doctors that warn people about the dangers and uselessness of vaccines are smeared and fired.  People are fired by BP for wearing masks or asking questions.  Annoying posts disappear from blogs and sites.

If you really believe that they want you to feel good, be happy, remain healthy and have a good job, there is no Red Pill big enough for you I am afraid.

Here is a blatant example of disgusting censorship.  I admit that Alex Jones sometimes goes far in this theories, but he makes usually good points, and provides excellent information.  FACTS, that are not reported by the mainstream media.  No one has the right to censor opinions, let alone FACTS.

In this case, Facebook removed his page because (supposedly) they contain the images of the famous Gadsden flag, the symbol of resistance to tyranny.  Make no mistake, the US government and all governments, the Bilderbergers all want one thing — to control you, your kids, and your grand children.  And they are removing all the stops currently.  They are even moving towards censoring the internet, because bloggers are the last thing that keep them from propagating their lies without opposition.

I always told myself that when we see people like Alex Jones being silenced, then it is time to start worrying.

See for yourself :

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, July 16, 2010

Facebook has sensationally banned the official Alex Jones Facebook page after a customer services representative admitted that all material containing images of the famous Gadsden flag was being deleted by the social networking giant.

While some fan pages remain up,  the official Alex Jones Facebook page at has been terminated. Other Alex Jones pages run by Infowars readers have also been deleted, such as the page that was formerly at

If Facebook has embarked on a policy of banning political expression and images it deems offensive then the company should be more open about the fact. While Facebook didn’t consider it necessary to delete a fan page dedicated to the British murderer Raoul Moat, it is now purging all material related to the Tea Party movement, States’ rights and the Gadsden flag, which is a symbol of resistance against tyranny and was originally used by the United States Marine Corps.

It’s unsurprising that Facebook has nailed its political colors to the mast in serving the establishment by targeting grass roots Facebook pages that display the Gadsden flag. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has denounced privacy as a ‘social norm’ of the past, an apt excuse given the fact that his website is little more than a vast intelligence database used by spy agencies to dig up information on people. Even more alarmingly, IM’s from Zuckerberg’s early Facebook days reveal his total disregard for privacy. In the IM’s, Zuckerberg insults Facebook users as “dumb fucks” for trusting him with their private information.

The move to ban Tea Party-related material is just one example of the wider move to censor the Internet as part of the cybersecurity agenda.

During an appearance on CNN last month, Senator Joe Lieberman, the sponsor of a bill that would give President Obama the power to shut down parts of the Internet, admitted that cybersecurity was all about seizing the same policing power over the world wide web employed by the Communist Chinese government.

As we have documented, Chinese censorship of the Internet has nothing to do with security and is almost exclusively focused around covering up government atrocities and abuse by silencing whistle blowers and blocking the free flow of information. The system that Lieberman wants America to adopt is all about political oppression and preventing people from becoming organized and active in standing up against the big government.

We are continuing to investigate Facebook’s move to ban the official Alex Jones page and we encourage everyone to contact Facebook and let them know that you will boycott their services if the page is not re-instated.