What do you call the FACT that BP had been warned by Schlumberger, TEN HOURS BEFORE, that a disaster was impending because gas pressure was rising (see end of post for details), and they kept drilling? I call that a false flag because any responsible people would have stopped drilling.

“Yes they can” and they did!

Look at the situation now: BP is in control of the Gulf; their private militia handles people, even the local police; the US Gov has created a law just for them to prevent anybody to take pictures of their dirty work; they refuse their sick employees to talk to the press or go to public hospitals.  The Gulf of Mexico has become BP playground.

They have tapped into a gigantic field of abiotic oil and they are not going to let anybody else profit from it.  They do not care about the destruction of the environment, killing all sea life, hurting people — all they want is their damn oil.

Do you really believe that it is a ‘coincidence’ that they picked Corexit, the most devastating dispersant (to hide the oil under the surface), when it is known to rupture blood cells, cause internal bleeding and allow oil to penetrate into cells and every organ.  This is UTTERLY CRIMINAL, it should mean LIFE SENTENCE FOR THOSE PEOPLE.  Keep in mind, they had many other choices, among them less dangerous and more effective products (let’s not even mention ignoring the PERFECT solution to get the oil from the water), and they chose the most lethal product.  Choosing = doing it on purpose = CRIME.

I can’t keep wondering why, then, instead of being convicted (aka put in jail), the people responsible for the biggest catastrophe in the history of mankind are still walking free,  enjoying the millions of dollars they made by betting on BP stock price going down a few days before the explosion, parading on their yacht (BP CEO), when so many people in the Gulf already lost their business, their health and their lives.

American people, when are you going to handle this problem yourself ? Instead of obsessing on Lebron’s new team?

Can’t you see your government has given BP a free ride, and is protecting them.  The 20 billion dollars fund is small change compared to the money BP is going to do in the Gulf. It is just a show to convince people that they are ‘sanctioning’ BP.  Even the CDC dared to say that Corexit was okay.  This is disgusting!

People are dying down there, children are getting sick, do you care? Do not even start to think you are not going to be affected because you live far from the Gulf. The truth is the whole food chain has been irremediably poisoned with Corexit. It is now raining Corexit on people as far as Fort Worth, Texas.  That’s 300 miles from the shores …

Oh, sorry, I forgot, you probably don’t care that you are eating mercury and toxic chemicals-infested food already, but this is an entirely new level.  They have upped their game!


Source : http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_6095.shtml

Oil drilling industry inside sources have reported to WMR that “smoking gun” documents, including what are known as “mud logs” are being kept at the Tulsa, Oklahoma headquarters of Schlumberger Oilfield Services.

Mud logging entails the detailed analysis of rocky material and sediment from a borehole for signs and pressure levels and types of gas being encountered during the drilling process. Mud logging is always carried out by a third party and in the case of the Deepwater Horizon, this function was performed by Schlumberger.

Hours before the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Schlumberger engineers detected an increase in gas pressures as BP sank a bore to an unprecedented depth of 35,055 feet below sea level. It is clear that their warnings about an impending disaster were ignored by BP supervisors and the evidence of BP’s criminal malfeasance sits in a secured room at Schlumberger’s offices in Tulsa.

In addition to gas types and levels, the Schlumberger mud logs also contain data on the drilling and pump rates, oil flow temperatures, and lithology (rock and sediment types).

A Schlumberger timeline document reveals that the firm’s team of mud loggers were on board the Deepwater Horizon hours before the April 20 explosion and left on a BP helicopter. The Schlumberger team, along with their mud log data, left the Deepwater Horizon at 11:15 am. The Deepwater Horizon exploded at 9:45 pm when high-pressured methane gas shot up through the bore hole and exploded when ignited.

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  3. austin rice says:

    bp sucks now one should use them and we should shut them done shame on you BP SHAME