In another blatant waste of money and purposefully fighting the wrong fights, the USA has just agreed to send FORTY-SIX WARSHIPS and 7,000 soldiers to Costa Rica to fight the war on drugs! Yeah, another big war… It should be our highest priority right now! To me it looks like another invasion by the USA, funded by the taxpayers.  Costa Rica has no military force, so what the US is doing is actually against the Constitution, which is a small detail nowadays. Worse, soldiers will be given FULL IMMUNITY, so rapes won’t be rapes anymore, just legally enforced sex.   Of course, it is presented as the Costa Rica government asking the US for help.  Has the US Army become mercenaries? Make no mistake, the huge display of force that is going to be sent to Costa Rica will stay there for a while.  It is just a coincidence that surrounding countries are America’s enemies, such as Venezuela for instance.  Cannot it be more obvious than that.  Something is up, as always!

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I could not help but notice that, which becomes more and more common these days, the US soldiers will be given FULL IMMUNITY.  This is an invitation for murders, rapes, etc. In fact, with full immunity, you can terrorize the whole population.  FULL IMMUNITY TURNS SOLDIERS INTO DE FACTO TERRORISTS; but hey, these ones are ‘legal’, so it’s ok! There is NO JUSTIFICATION for such immunity, it’s total disrespect for the local population. Oh, just in case you have a twisted mind, no no no, the war on drugs is NOT to protect Big Pharma business, they are the good people, with their good life saving … drugs. Medical drugs are far more dangerous than cocaine or marijuana, they KILL hundreds of thousands of people, every year. Yes, I wrote KILL ! See this report, Death by Medicine, it was compiled by a Medical Doctor.  When you read it, you’ll understand that the war on drugs is just as fake as the ‘war on terror’ because it is obvious that the drugs that kill the most people are pharmaceutical drugs, hands down. How many people die from cocaine overdose per year? We never hear about that right? Just to make a complete tour of the subject, you should know that the CIA is the biggest drug trafficker in the world.  Why do you think the US Army is still in Afghanistan, which has the largest fields of heroin in the world? Oh yeah, it’s to protect us from a bunch of cavemen, the dangerous Taliban that somehow are able to threaten the whole world… So, keep believing that they are really trying to stop drug trafficking.  They most probably are more worried about destroying their own competitors in drug trafficking. If they really wanted to stop cocaine trafficking, WOULDN’T IT COST MUCH LESS MONEY TO PUT THE FIELDS ON FIRE IN COLOMBIA EVERY NOW AND THEN? They have all the technology to track those fields from satellites. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THE FIELDS ARE, but they leave the crops alone, all they want is to kill their competition. Shame, shame, shame … and shame on all those who bury their heads in the sand and do nothing to fight this. Just exposing these practices would create public uproar, and stop it.  Instead, it’s BBQ’s and movies, oh, and fascinating stories about Lebron’s new team … yeah, that’s really important.

Oh my! When our children look at what we did with this planet, they are not going to be happy.