The human body is designed to sleep deep and wake up refreshed. So why is it that you wake up tired ? Millions of parents around the world also have problem children who can’t sleep well, and can’t find a solution to that problem.  Well, do not count on doctors to tell them about geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress will create stress hormones that are very detrimental to your health but also that will keep you from sleeping well.  If you are a caffeine-sleeping pill type of person, you need to read this, and solve the problem.  The problem is KNOWN, the SOLUTION EXISTS.  But since it does not involve swallowing a pill, naturopaths and doctors do not want to hear about it.  

Look at animals. They don’t need caffeine to be full of energy all day.  Why ? They just FEEL where to sleep or not to sleep.  Humans did too, but our incredibly advanced science has simply decided to forget about what ancient tribes all knew, and was still known two centuries ago.  Yes, that’s what they call ‘progress’…

‘Geopathic stress’ (GS) is the term to describe the negative energies that humans receive from underground phenomena.  It can be moving water (aquifers) or other radiation sources.  These phenomena have been ridiculed by scientists … until recently because it is now A PROVEN FACT that earth natural radiations from certain places can affect human physiology (this link give more details about all the ways your house can affect your health and sleep).

You know, scientists have been wrong for almost everything for as long as we can recall, but they continue to consider as non existent anything that they can’t understand or measure.  In other words, all future discoveries do not exist for them … See the problem with their logic ? No open-mindedness = almost guaranteed ridicule.

But now, a team of indian researchers and scientists published a striking study in Jan 2010 in the ‘Indian Journal of Science and Technology’ that proves once and for all that geopathic stress causes changes in human physiology. Read on.

It can be very hard for the modern, well educated, pragmatic person to understand that there are disturbed vibrations coming out from the earth beneath, which can be harmful to human health. We have lived with the natural vibrations which rise up through the earth’s mantle for millions of years. When these vibrations encounter subterranean running water, certain mineral concentration, fault lines and underground plateaux and cavities, their natural vibrations become disturbed and harmful to living organisms.

In case of running water, normally 200-300 ft (60-90 meters) underground, an electromagnetic field is created in opposite direction to its flow by friction which then creates strong unhealthy vibration. The effect of these higher vibrations has been called by many names such as black streams, cancer rays, negative green rays, Hartmann and Curry line and even ley lines. However, over the years now it is called Geopathic Stress (GS) (Gordon, 2005). The Chinese knew the harm Geopathic Stress (GS) could cause over 4000 years ago and avoided building houses on stressful places. Often people could be punished if the building was on what they called ‘dragon line’. Extensive work has been published by various researchers to understand the effect of GS on the built environment (Kathe, 1989; Milliren, 1993; Pohl, 1993; Croome, 1994; Freshwater, 1997; Storozuk, 2002; Saunders, 2003; Thurnell-Read, 2006). Possible influences attributed to geopathic stress phenomena have been widely reported by the mass media, albeit without scientific proof. Apparently, geopathic stress does not only influence humans but all kind of animals, plants, fungi and bacteria (Hacker et al., 2005; Dubrov, 2008; Hacker et al., 2008).

Here is the conclusion of the indian study  :

Measurements ...” certainly indicate some effect of GS zone on blood pressure.   It is also observed that heart rate of the human vary about 10% to 15% due to geopathic stress zone in comparison to the normal zone. The significant difference in the physical parameters noticed lead to the conclusion that the GS zone exerted different influence on the normal functioning of the human body especially changes in BP and HR. The common effects of GS zone observed includes feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, headaches, tingling in arms and legs etc. depending upon age group. As a result, different retardation of immune system and other organ may occur. It can be predicted that GS may lower immune system and one’s ability to fight off virus and bacteria. In the present study, the candidates were exposed to GS zone FOR 20 MINUTESFor more detailed information see the original study or here.

This last information is important.  They studied the effect on human physiology FOR ONLY 20 MINUTES !!!

You can only imagine what GS will do to your body if you sleep night after night above it.

Actually testimonials report all of the abovementioned effects : feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, headaches, tingling, depressed immune system.

In other words, YOUR BODY DOES NOT WORK VERY WELL ABOVE GEOPATHIC STRESS.  It may seriously hamper your sleep or your ability to fight a disease.

practical and efficient solution to Geopathic Stress is to hang a Geowave (LINK) in the attic to protect all the people in the house.

If you don’t do that, your body will be stress all night long … It’s your choice, your beliefs or proven science !

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  2. Investigator says:

    so… what “is” this geowave made of/from/constructed no one knows? POST IT!

    • Sorry, the link is on the word ‘geowave’ itself, but it should have been underlined.

      The Geowave is apparently made of alloys, gold, and has specific dimensions to tune to the frequencies of the human body.

      Here is a link to one of the websites that gives the most information about it : GEOWAVE (sorry, no underline again, it’s this theme I guess)
      I bought one, and my sleep improved and I gained 3 hours in a week, honestly I wouldn’t have bought it if it weren’t used in hospitals