dollardees.jpg Happy 4th of July ! The Us is a free country but it can’t get free of the FED ugly tentacles.

The US government debt for 2010 ALONE is 1.5 Trillion. The ONLY solution to come up with that kind of money is the FED printing it !

That was known from Jan 1st, but that did not keep the markets from dreaming away about the ‘recovery’ … and they are waking up now, because you can’t swipe that FACT under the rug.

So, here is the red pill that you’d better swallow fast to wake up to reality : as soon as the FED prints 2 or 3 Trillion$, YOUR beloved dollars, cash or in your bank account, will INSTANTLY devalue 60-70 % since the monetary mass is approx 1.7T$. The exact value is between 1.7T (official number) and 3T (hidden in FED reports).

In other words, the US gov and the FED will STEAL the whole population of 50+% of their wealth in a glimpse.

If such a high tax were announced, there would be riots, but I am sure that people will just ‘swallow’ it, whine, cry and keep dreaming when it’s done in this way, although the end result is exactly the same.

dees-usedtoitp.jpg Folks, this is a game changer because, if you are one of those who think that ‘this too shall pass, I’ll keep doing my bbqs no matter what’, you are simply not getting that as soon as the news is out, you will lose 50+% of your savings AND the price of food will increase several times. There will be no more bbq for a long time because you will be hit in the gut, and you will be trying to survive.

Ya think I made it all up ?

Well, as a ‘funny’ coincidence, the United Nations has just announced that the world should ditch the US dollar as the reserve currency.

You know that the UN is supposed to become the New World Government when they have finished destroying the economy, currencies, the environment, and people will beeeeeg for a savior.

Did you ever wonder why everything is going down the drain at the same time ? Well, I just gave you the answer, you have to have nowhere to go, no one to turn to, to become a begging slave.

Rumors have started recently that the FED is going to PRINT 3 TRILLION$ this year.  (that’s not hard to guess since there are only 6 months left …)

You know, since there is no recovery, the market are due to tank any time soon (they are doing just that right now…), so the politicians need an excuse to hide their incompetence and lies.

They need another big crisis, or another excuse. Refunding a huge debt fits the bill because, you know, they ‘have to do it otherwise the too-big-to-fail (ponzi) US financial system’ is going to explode.

The Royal Bank of Scotland just announced to its clients to prepare for a MONSTER MONEY-PRINTING by the FED.  You have been WARNED !

Make sure you read my article about Hyperinflation.

Keep in mind, the Federal Reserve is ‘federal’ just as much as Federal Express, it is a PRIVATE entity that has NO constitutional rights to print money.

rockefeller_nwo.jpg This is a silent war from the bankers to the US people, and all they care is their bbq and Dr Pepper …
Do not count on the mainstream media to warn you, they are PART of the Cabal, they have been for decades, since the start of the Bilderbergers 50 years ago, helping them orchestrate the current situation in silence.

How the US population can ignore all this is way beyond my intellectual abilities … but I won’t have US dollars in a few days, except for groceries…

For those who want to flee in gold, keep in mind that there is a GIANT BOMB there too, waiting to be detonated at the right time. Read my post about one million of fake bullions, ready to hit the news (but only when they decide it is time).
It seems to me that this is the right time to detonate that bomb, so people will have nowhere to flea, no solution to buy food, and will beeeeeg for a new government and a new currency. I hope I am wrong, but everything that has happened during the last decades has lead us ‘beautifully’ here, right now, in this incredible situation, where everything is ready to fall apart at the same time. The only solution would be to spend all your savings to store food, but who is going to do that, especially well in advance, because as soon as the news is out, it’s too late.