MIRACL laser hitting the DeepWater rig.jpeg I know, I know, we never hear about MIRACL satellites … simply because they are classified weapons. This picture is an official picture, not a fake made by some crackpot. The world has changed at an incredible pace these last years. New sonic and electromagntic weapons, historical facts such as the subprime crisis and the not so surprising (but fabricated) 2009 rally, as well as the asinine reactions of all governments to ‘stop’ the crisis by adding more of what caused it (debt).  They are all asinine or up to something !

This picture comes from LabVirus.com. I had never heard of those MIRACL laser satellites before, but Labvirus says a satellite fired on April 20 at the Deepwater Horizon and caused the explosion, and carved a wide white-ringed hole in the aluminum helicopter deck. Google it. If you have a picture of that hole, please put the link in a comment.

My point here is to draw your attention to the dates.


You may think I am crazy, but if you follow the news, the real news, and by that I mean the facts, you can’t help but notice that the Bilderbergers, or whoever they obey to, like symbolism and are attached to certain numbers, 911, 666, 322.
That applies to anybody actually (birthdates, age, ‘magical’ numbers etc).

I already explained the importance of the numbers 322 (March 22) in a previous post.
322 or March 22 is sacred for the ‘Skulls and Bones’ secret society that produces leaders around the World and some US presidents… Coincidence, really ?

322 is also the date when the Georgia stones were made (those stones mentioning a target population of 500 million), and it is also the date when Adolf Hitler supposedly committed suicide. It is also the day when Obama forcefully passed the new Healthcare bill, on a Sunday, with great urgency when it only starts in 2014 … Something is up !

Now, April 20, is the … birthdate of Adolf Hitler, and is also the day the Deepwater rig exploded …

I know this is no proof, but it is a very strange coincidence, and, from my point of view, I have seen so many ‘coincidences’, oh-so-unlikely facts that I smell something fishy.  ‘They’ like to play with the gullible population, almost revealing their plans openly as some sort of mockery, and most people yet don’t want to even hear about it.   Like those explanations given for 911 that were an insult to anybody who has a kindergarten degree in physics.

I would not say all this if the spill had been handled properly, but after seeing all good solutions turned down, the help of foreign governments turned down as well, the worse and most toxic oil dispersant possible used, private militia keeping residents from cleaning their own shores, workers fired for wearing masks, Goldman Sachs and BP CEO selling a big chunk of their stocks days before the explosion, Halliburton acquiring an oil cleaning company also only days before … I have NO DOUBT that something is up there too, because it bears the same marks as 911 — ‘errors’, coincidences,  lack of logic,  insider trading, inappropriate intervention of the government, elimination of evidence,etc, etc…  This thing screams ‘FALSE FLAG’, and again, people will accept any sort of explanation, and end up believing it is only due to human ‘error’ and stupidity. There is no error or stupidity at that level, it can only be organized crime.

Time will tell.

Adolf Jacob Hitler .jpg By the way, did you know Adolf Hitler’s second first name … ? … Jacob … That’s a JEWISH name !

See this recently found official archive in France. Hitler’s purpose was already to create a one world government …

Draw your own conclusions; however, sometimes, too many coincidences are no coincidence at all! Something BIG is up!

P.S. maybe we will see Obama’s real birth certificate one day too …

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