From the top of my mind the US will have to pay about 5 trillion$ in the next 12 months alone (no wonder everything is accelerating now). But at least, they can print dollar bills as long as the sun shines or, at least, as long as there are enough trees.

But Europeans have put themselves into a financial abyss.  In a new study reported in the Financial Times Deutschland, Willem Buiter, a blogger for the Financial Times and the chief economist of Citigroup, said that the Eurozone governments owed 7 trillion euros to the banks and that at least 500 billion interest on the sovereign debt bonds would have to be paid every year.  

The trick is that European countries CANNOT print their own money, they have to borrow, which results in an even bigger debt.  That’s a death trap !
Can you imagine the amount of sweat that 500 billion represents ? No, you can’t, because you will be dead before it happens, and your grandchildren too.

It is important to realise that no country in Europe has received even a portion of this 7 trillion euros from the banks. The banks have given no real capital and they have lost no real capital. They just create money out of thin air, and the governments have to refund it plus the interests.

The twist in Europe is that money can only be created by the ECB, and did you notice that in the current crisis they did not do that. Instead, they are asking all governments to commit more cash to create a fund to help the PIIGS countries. What this does is that it puts the sound countries in a mess too, as I explained recently with Germany who now owes the banks 99% of their total income taxes.

Very obviously, they did that to enslave the rich countries, it’s the New World Order silent march to enslave humanity.

Since governments cannot create money, those interests must come from more borrowing. As a result, debt increases exponentially, bankers become exponentially richer without doing anything. It’s the greatest scam perpetrated on humanity, and almost no one gets it.

If they had given Europeans 7 trillion euros to invest in industry etc, we would be experienced a booming economy, there would be new infrastructures everywhere, loans to start-ups, all cities would be clean… Well, that’s not really how it is in the real world, is it ?

Think about it. Bankers get trillions without sweating, but people are stupid enough to accept that digital money in exchange of their sweat, their services, their products.

When you borrow money from them, they put money on your account, and when you spend it, it goes to other accounts in the same bank or another one. All in all, the money never leaves the bank (except for little cash), but YOU have to work hard to refund it, and someone (you or your creditor) has to borrow again to pay the interests.

You do not notice it when you borrow 10,000 dollars that someone has to borrow somewhere the 300 dollars of interest that you have to pay (someone has had to give you those 300 dollars in exchange of your work to allow you to pay the interests). But when it comes to trillions, we suddenly realize that (1) it has become impossible to repay that debt and, resultingly, (2) your children and their children’s children will have to work all their lives to repay the debt. There is no better slavery possible, it’s silent, global and eternal.

When people wake up, they will realize they have been bankers’ slaves for decades, and kick them so hard that it’s going to be a joy to watch.

However, bankers being banksters, I am really afraid that they have already planned something to keep this from happening.

Oh, is this the reason why we are hearing that population must be reduced significantly ?