electrical_hands.jpg Today, it is undeniable that electromagnetic waves hurt the body in many ways big time.

Although power distribution companies and devices manufacturers will always claim the opposite, as usual, many studies expose the problems clearly. Here we will focus only on low frequency radiations (LF), ie all electrical devices, ie anything that is connected to a power outlet.

Studies have CLEARLY demonstrated that LF significantly lower the secretion of melatonin.

Melatonin is very important for the human body because :

– it regulates the sleep cycle
– it helps the body fight tumor growth, ie it has anti-cancer properties
– it is a powerful antioxidant (anti-aging)
– it also helps regulate many hormones.

In other words, too little melatonin means CHAOS in your body.

Studies have shows that at 5 milliGaus (ie approximately one yard from any electrical device), the risk of leukemia increases by 500%.

Just to give you an idea, you have 10+ mG at a distance lower than 8 inches, to any source of power (even a cell phone charger, or a bed side lamp).

You have been warned !

Taking melatonin pills will NOT solve the problem because the stressor will still be there, wreaking havoc in your body by generating cortisol, adrenaline etc It will make the problem worse because it’s like taking anti-pain medication for a thorn in your foot.

Also, taking pills will reduce your natural ability to secrete melatonin.  You MUST reduce the stress FIRST, here’s a perfect, healthy SOLUTION to reduce stress with a Geowave. There are many scams but this isn’t one since there are multiple studies proving the effect of the Geowave. The Geowave is used in hospitals, world-class athletes, even by farmers, which is significant because there is no placebo effect with animals.  In other words, if it works on animals, it means that there is really a biological effect.

More information and solutions here and here.

  1. Investigator says:

    what about RF from radio transmissions, has this been tested, on humans or animals?

    simple answer… NO

    • Hm, this post is about LF, but RF HAVE been tested, like any type of device, frequency, modulation etc

      Here is a DOC if you are interested, it’s from the FCC-Office of Engineering and Technology.

      Maybe I’ll make a post about it one day, but RF is certainly not as dangerous as power lines and cell phones or wifi, I agree