dietcola_poison.jpg Here is a story from a famous investment advisor that I and many others received yesterday. After this, you need to decide if you want it in your body, even when you are not flying …

Aspartame was discovered by mistake by researchers who were trying to develop a new pesticide and IS still used as a pesticide today, … that says it all ! To me, those chemicals look more like POISON than food … !

“Within a day or so of arriving in London, after a total of 12 or so hours in a jet airliner cabin, I had a case of Bell’s palsy, which is a partial paralysis of the facial muscles. If you’ve never experienced parts of your body just plain not working, I assure you that it’s scary. Your brain tells a muscle to move, and it doesn’t move. Uh-oh. All sorts of “what-ifs” (and “oh s#@$%s”) go through your head.

I went to the emergency room of the University College Hospital, where I experienced the British health care system — which was very good in my case.

The bottom line is that I’m back home. I have a partial paralysis of my right facial muscles. The rest of me is fine. I can see, hear, speak, feel and much more. My gross and fine motor skills are not impaired at all.

I just can’t move most of the muscles on the right side of my face. It’s a very strange sensation, but I guess I’m getting used to it. My neurologist says it should resolve, probably in a matter of weeks, or a month or so. I can’t wait.

What REALLY Happened?

Here’s what I found out, AFTER I looked into it. I think it has a lot to do with those artificial sweeteners. Hey, guess what? They’re bad for you!

Who knew? Actually, a lot of people know. Except I didn’t know. Not really. Yeah, I knew that “they’re bad for you,” in the sort of way that too much of anything is bad for you. But how bad? Real bad. I learned a lesson the hard way, and I’m passing it along.

Many airline pilots will tell you that they never drink the artificial sweetened stuff, because it leads to all sorts of medical issues that can cause them to have neurological reactions — even during flight operations. There’s an entire subculture of folklore about how old so-and-so drank too much Diet Whatever and passed out right on the flight deck.

With aspartame — the stuff in the blue packages — the chemistry is such that it begins to break down above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and to form nasty chemicals like methanol (wood alcohol — poisonous) and formaldehyde (what they use to embalm dead bodies).

So take a cold, sweetened iced tea and ingest it into your 98.6-degree body and the chemistry goes to work. Usually, your body can handle the hit. But if you’re in an airplane? Try lowering the air pressure to airline cabin levels for hours at a time. Vapor pressures kick in, related to Boyle’s law. You’re poisoning yourself from the inside out.

Chemically, the methanol and formaldehyde start looking for something to do. They’re seeking tissues to attack. One place that these little nasties go is after the myelin sheath that surrounds your nerve fibers. If enough of the myelin sheath degrades from the methanol and formaldehyde, your nerves start to short-circuit. Hence the neurological issues, and in my case the Bell’s palsy.

Wait, it can get much worse. Indeed, on a related note, the U.S. Veterans Administration has spent millions of dollars researching Gulf War syndrome. Some of the evidence is that the sickened troops were drinking diet sodas that had baked for weeks in 120-degree temperatures. There are strong correlations, if not statistical causality, to some (not all) cases of Gulf War syndrome and overheated aspartame.

NEVER Drink That Stuff!

Here’s the takeaway for you. NEVER drink artificial-sweetened ANYTHING before going on a long airplane flight, or while you’re on the airplane. Drink water, or use real sugar in your beverage, but stay AWAY from the fake sweeteners, especially aspartame! Got it?

I’m not offering official medical advice, just my own personal views based on my recent experience. Maybe my Bell’s palsy has some other source, but if so, I’m unaware of what it is.

Diet sodas and such may be OK for you, in moderation and as long as you don’t play games with your body chemistry by changing altitudes, like in an airliner.

You can heed my advice if you like… or not. Regardless of what you want to do with artificial sweeteners, I thought this story might be of interest to you. “

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