not_sleeping.jpgTired all the time because you can’t sleep well ? Can’t heal completely no matter how many drugs you take ? Have you heard of Geopathic stress ?. If you don’t know what harms you, how can you get better ?

A recent study proves the reality of geopathic stress by measuring it with electronic equipment. Geopathic Stress is a natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.  The wavelengths of the natural radiation disturbed in this way make geopathic stress harmful to living organisms.

Until recently, only dowsing could detect the location of those geopathic zones because those phenomena are unknown and ridiculed by scientists who disregard anything they can’t explain.

However, open minded scientists exists and measured the effect of geopathic zones using electronic instruments.

In the above mentioned study, indian scientists have measured the current received by a photodiode from a laser placed at the other side of the measurement setup. The purpose was to have the photons of the beam cross the geopathic stress zone, and ‘interfere’ with its energy field.

See the study for more details.

This means that the Geopathic Zone has a specific type of energy, whatever it is, capable of interfering with photons.


Science only begins to understand the phenomenon of Geopathic stress, but it is proven that it is real, measurable.

The Geowave, an easy solution to Geopathic Stress

A practical and efficient solution to Geopathic Stress is to hang a Geowave in the Attic to protect the whole house.

Remember, Geopathic Stress is a permanent source of stress and contributes to many medical problems, including sleeplessness, fatigue and slow healing.

It looks weird at first, but the testimonials and the studies have convinced me… I want one !

  1. David Reecher says:

    People die from this stuff – GS

  2. Arjouna says:

    Is there any electonic device/equipment is available to measure geopathic stress?

    • loadsofredpills says:

      Not in terms of mW, mA or mV because, even if it comes from outside sources, natural and man-made, it’s a stress, hence it happens inside the body, and results in many problems, mostly insomnia … see for more information …
      I am not a doctor, but I guess there are several parameters that can be tested to try to quantify the level of stress, but I doubt they can pinpoint the cause (work, cell phone tower, geopathic sources, bed lamp etc).
      However, geopathic stress can be DETECTED using several devices, such as scientifically calibrated antennas, or, like some indians researchers did, measuring the deflection of photon beams above geopathically stressed zones.