I summarized in this post all you need to know to fully understand that vaccines are a myth and a scam. Please read it carefully, I have no hidden agenda and I weighed every word. I have researched this topic for years, read books, talked to doctors, spent hours reading about it or watching doctors interviews. I am p… off by doctors attitude and by seeing kids turning into zombies or paralyzed, with total indifference from doctors.

Very good sites where you will find true information about vaccines and Pig pharma unethical methods are 1, 2, 3, and 4. Read articles and follow the links, I promise you that you are going to be ASTONISHED by the ugliness of medicine, their quack science, and utter disregard for humanity.

Here is one link about vaccines and kids. Also read : 1 and 2 (read the paragraph about germ theory).

There are so many studies that prove vaccines don’t work and harm people that it’s hard to miss them. Here are a few striking info about kids vaccination, that will probably make you want to dig and question doctors.

– autism and neurologic disorders are a very significant risk with vaccines. Autism has gone from 1 in 6000 kids to 1 in 60, ie a 10,000% increase over the last decade. The US gov has officially admitted (see HERE) vaccine responsibility in at least one case of autism, so the people who say it is not true are criminals. This paragraph alone should be enough to avoid playing the russian roulette.

– the dosage is the same for kids and adults ! Mercury and squalene are already extremely toxic for adults, so putting that in a small body is another crime. Squalene is used in labs to induce infertility to animals.

– a very young child does not even have a mature immune system. Messing with it with a vaccine, is another crime. It can affect him permanently, most of the times years after, but sometimes in a few days.

I could go on and on, but skeptics will look away from a mountain of evidence, it’s a belief problem. Many people put unconsciously their beliefs ahead of their kids well-being.

The following will make skeptics think twice :

Vaccines absolutely do/DID/WILL NOT work, never, ever, in any circumstance, in any way, shape or form, not the past, present or future ones, for any condition, even undiscovered diseases, simply because it’s a MYTH. It would be soooo easy to make a double-blind against placebo study to prove they work. It would silence critics forever, but they don’t do it. Yes, you read it right, they have never done a honest study about vaccines over the last 140 years (see next point).

– The following video shows Dr Gary Null, MD, explaining that there has never even been one single double blind study. Existing double blind against placebo studies do NOT use placebos. What they dare to call a placebo is the vaccine without the viral load, ie all the toxic adjuvants like mercury, squalene, formaldehyde, aluminum etc That is a blatant example of scientific fraud, and the fact that it is not by exposed by the media and scientific journals shows the depth of the problem. Making a mistake and hurting children is already bad enough, but trying to hide it is something else, it’s a crime against humanity.

If you still think that vaccines offer any sort of protection, even small, or are based on science, read the following :

it is not because you have antibodies that your immune system will kill the virus next time around

The best proof of this was when there was a big earthquake in Japan a few years back. The Japanese have one of the highest rate of vaccinated people, yet infectious diseases started again because there was a disruption of running water.
Some people get vaccinated every year, and every year, they get the flu. The year when the flu virus mutated and that everybody admitted that the vaccine was useless, well, flu rate did not increase at all, despite the absence of this ‘god-sent’ protection.

when vaccines were introduced, the disease had already peaked and was declining (but big pharma only shows the graph from the moment they started vaccinating people to give you the impression that the vaccine triggered the decline)

for every disease, the reason of the decline is not the vaccine but other reasons(better hygiene, tap water, nutrition etc).

– to the contrary, vaccines have sparked epidemics, paralysis, neurologic diseases, deaths. They killed and still kill entire villages in Africa.

– history shows that when a new vaccine was introduced, the rate of that particular disease INCREASED that year

– it’s all based on the ‘findings’ of Louis Pasteur, who was a crook, he stole scientific discoveries from a true scientist, Bechamp, to make himself famous

– the dog who (supposedly) had rabies did bite other people in the village, none of them got sick, but history says that he bit only one boy and that Pasteur cured him with a vaccine, that’s when the myth started

– even Pasteur admitted at the end of his life that he was wrong, that the important is not the germs, but the ‘terrain’, the immune system. But, it was too late, the ‘germ theory’ had already started.

Pasteur is considered a semi-god in France, but, for ‘some reason’, his lab notes are locked away from the public. Could there possibly something to hide ?

– just to give you another example of how irrational the logic is : tetanus is an anaerobic virus, it dies in the blood because of the oxygen, so it spreads along the nerves. So how on Earth could antibodies in the blood kill it (assuming they are capable of such a feat) since the virus is not even there ?? What caused tetanus to almost disappear is hygiene, cleaning of a wound before stitches.

Funnily, doctors still give the ‘anti-tetanus’ shot AFTER the skin has been broken. In other words, either the person has not been infected, in which case, the shot is useless, or the person already has the virus and the vaccine only adds more … brilliant isn’t it ??

most doctors totally refuse to even DISCUSS the science behind vaccination. They repeat their mantra over and over, ‘vaccines are safe and effective, it’s proven’, and become aggressive with anybody who wants to challenge that belief. They KNOW what they are doing, and want to avoid being exposed. That is NOT the pattern of science or honesty.Ask a doctor about REAL double blind against placebo studies, and watch his facechange from friendly to cold and aggressive.

There is much more to say, but he who digs the topic will be astonished about the level of deception. Any single one of the above points is enough to understand what is going on. Yet, it is still impossible, even for a doctor, to discuss quietly the topic, it’s big pharma ultimate money machine.

And it’s getting totally disconnected from reality. They now want to make new vaccines to help you quit nicotine (is nicotine a virus ???) and for drug addictions. Come on, who would trust these people ?

One last word : I want to stress that I am not blaming parents who did vaccinate their kid, they just couldn’t know, it is too well hidden. I found out about it because I spent huge amount of time and it took me years to come to term with the reality of it. It’s like milk, or red meat, you believe in it since we were all brainwashed by doctors, lobbies, ads, then you start questioning it but still think that ‘there is still some good in it’, those beliefs are tough to beat, then, little by little, you peel the onion, and realize it’s just smoke.

If you have not bothered reading the links provided in this article but still defend vaccination, I am asking you to wonder what is your purpose. What is more important to you : protecting kids or your beliefs ?

Vaccines are a god-sent gift to pharmaceuticals companies, not humanity.

DISCLAIMER : I must unfortunately tell you that, thanks to FDA and big pharma trying to silence everything that is not chemical, everything that I write must be taken solely as a source of information, it is never intended as a diagnostic tool, or a recommendation. Discuss health related decisions with your doctor.