refusal.jpegIf you think for a second that the poisoning with mercury-laden ‘silver’ fillings is not INTENTIONAL, that ‘somehow’ it’s ok to continue with such massive-scale poisoning, then first read this very good article about the dangers of mercury. Simply put, it’s a very dangerous poison, even at a very low dose. There is no safe dose.

Alternatives exist, so the big question is of course, why is it not only tolerated but even PUSHED into your kids by any way possible (vaccines, food, amalgams …) and why all official associations (FDA, AMA, Dental associations) still deny any problem with mercury and insist it is totally harmless.

It’s possible to avoid mercury, so the ONLY conclusion is that the poisoning is INTENTIONAL. Look no further for their stubborn attitude to put it in so many products. Big pharma wants to make your children lifelong customers, it’s good for their balance sheet, and they have the financial power to influence anyone. If you still they care about your health, then you are not reading the news. They are convicted all the time for malpractices, fake studies, lethal drugs, bribery etc

Still don’t believe it ? Then read this.

“In an act of moral depravity, the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) and the Philadelphia County Dental Society (PCDS) have endorsed strong-arming parents of children with disabilities to force their written consent to mercury fillings. These dental societies issued a statement to the Philadelphia Board of Health dated February 11 giving their stamp of approval to dentists who deny all treatment to disabled children — no tooth cleanings, no preventive care, nothing — unless the parents “consent” to exposing their children to mercury. In the words of the PDA/PCDS representative before the Board of Health, “if a guardian refuses amalgam…we will not see the patient.”

Do you get it ? Or maybe it’s ok to poison disabled kids…

Why do you think that they want to ‘protect the environment’ by making the totally natural plant food named CO2 and never mention global mercury poisoning ? Why do you think that they want to ‘protect your kids’ health with vaccines’ and still insist that mercury is safe when a 10,000% increase in autism screams the opposite ? Do they care about global food poisoning with mercury ? Absolutely not ! It is NEVER MENTIONED.

Do you get it ? Human population as a whole is being assaulted by highly organized criminal organizations for the profit of a very few.

One last word : digital transmitters (cell phones, portable phones, wi-fi) open the blood-brain barrier, allowing many toxic chemicals to enter the brain. The perfect recipe to poison your brain with mercury is to use cell phones and have amalgams ! Removing amalgams is not a luxury, it’s a life saving obligation.

DISCLAIMER : I must unfortunately tell you that, thanks to FDA and big pharma trying to silence everything that is not chemical, everything that I write must be taken solely as a source of information, it is never intended as a diagnostic tool, or a recommendation. Discuss health related decisions with your doctor.

  1. Mickie Yezek Roller says:

    I was 52 years old and I had a massive stroke in 1999.  I’m 62.  I couldn’t speak, completely aphasic, and I couldn’t walk; confined to a wheelchair and five hospitals.  Nothing clicks.  It’s a profound, hopelessly, bleak situation and no way out.  It’s tabula rasa; it’s a blank slate.

    Read my blog. 20 pages.
    and How to Stroke Out with Mercury Fillings ( It’s an amended version. Three pages.

    Thank you.

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