kids_taken_police.jpgYour kids do not belong to you but to the government, who will take it from you if you ever raise your kiddo to mistrust the government. Not to fight it, not to insult it, simply not trust it. Don’t believe me ? Facts prove it … read on.

This is a very blatant proof that the new world order is advancing fast now. Why ? Well, the government recently passed forcefully the anti-constitutional healthcare bill. Why care about the constitution right ?

The US is becoming a police state, but a police not there to protect people (protect from what btw ?) but to enforce paranoia and obedience to the government. One example below.

You think your children are ‘yours’, that you can raise them according to your values and take care of their health ?

Think again. The following example clearly shows that you can do so , BUT ONLY IF you do not upset the government by telling the truth about them to your kids. Remember the stories I reported about young girls in NY being vaccinated without the parents’ consent AND knowledge. Or those kids vaccinated in school even when the parents had signed papers that they did NOT want them to be injected with the H1N1 vaccine. Or those kids taken away when the parents AND the kid refused chemo.

They act as if your kids were THEIRS, and you the parents are only there to feed them and tell them how good the government is. Of course your kids are theirs … their future consumers, future taxpayers, future voters and future sick like hell big pharma customers. They won’t let you poop their party. Still don’t believe me ? Read on.

In the story below, the parents were found with a small amount of marijuana (everybody has more powerful drugs in their home btw, alcohol, medication, cigarette), but let it not hide the reason the kid was taken away from them, and it is NOT marijuana at all. The police report says that the parents were "unsuitable parents” because they teach their children “the government is out to harm them”".

Get it ? You can teach them bad eating habits, let them become obese, wack their immune system with vaccines and drugs, raise them to be rude and violent, BUT If you ever tell your kid the truth about the US gov, you are unfit to raise them…

Oh, and if you do not let gov employees in your house without a court order, they call you "agressive to authority".

Here is the story:

A family in Williamson County, Austin have lost custody of their 7-year-old son as part of a Child Protective Services investigation because the parents taught their children to mistrust the government, an action that deemed them to be “unsuitable parents,” according to charges leveled by police officers in CPS documents.

Drug reform activist filmmakers Barry and Candi Cooper recently had their home raided and searched by police after authorities claimed Cooper’s voice had been heard in the background of an allegedly false police report.

“Once in the couple’s home, officers discovered a small amount of marijuana and charged the Coopers with Class B misdemeanors, resulting in both their arrests. Each immediately bonded out of jail and paid a small fine. Days later, while Candi’s youngest son was visiting his father in east Texas, Child Protective Services contacted the Coopers, revealing that the incident could cost them not only custody of the boy, but also their freedom on felony child endangerment charges,” writes Stephen C. Webster of True Slant, who has been following the case.

On page five of the CPS case report, police level the shocking claim that the Coopers are “unsuitable parents” because they teach their children “the government is out to harm them”.

On page six of the report, police accuse the Coopers of being “aggressive to authority” because they will not allow government employees to enter their house without a court order.

Despite Travis County Deputy District Attorney Dayna Blazey declaring the Coopers to be fit parents, whose children are healthy, happy and “well cared for,” and stating that the kids were not at risk, Williamson County police claim the Coopers allow their children and their friends to use drugs in the house.

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