fake-gold-coins.jpegOne million fake gold bars can hit the market anytime, but it will only when it suits bankers purpose. I have been hearing about this for a while, and I believe it has the potential to ruin many people who lost so much during the first phase of the market crash in 2008.

In short, the US has manufactured ONE MILLION FAKE gold bars, that are nothing else than a tungsten core with a very fine layer of gold. They are ‘out there’, somewhere, at Fort Knox, but also banks and households.

When the market decides to take this news into account, it will cause gigantic losses to many people, those who have bought gold stocks and those who have fake bullions in their safe.

More info here and here.


Still don’t believe it. Well, the first link explains how the Rotschild withdrew from commodity trading, including gold, in 2004. The Rotschild are one of the most powerful/old/influential family/bank in the world.
Maybe they know something you don’t know …

Why do you think the IMF sold its gold in 2009 when it was going higher and the dollar tanking ?
It seemed to me that it was totally illogical, as if they really wanted to get rid of it, even at a loss …
Maybe they also know something we don’t know…

Read how Nymex was raided, his senior vice president disappeared and is still unheard of today, all that without a word from the media. Again, the pattern of an organized cover up.
Look at my post regarding SEC’s own gigantic 3+ TRILLION fraud to understand the depth of the problem.

So, the current situation is totally unpredictable, and ‘they’ wanted it like that, to tip the market one way or the other according to the government and bankers will.

The US dollar can crash anytime, it’s just a matter of the gov deciding when and if.
Gold, seen as a protection against that, can also crash anytime, with the market (as it did in 2008) or alone, again totally out of your control or any way to predict it.
These two things alone have made fundamental analysis a totally useless tool, since rationality has disappeared, but there is much more, unfortunately.
Stocks, that have been rallying for the last 11 months based SOLELY on fake/manufactured economic data, can also crash anytime when and if the real information is released.
Banks have TRILLIONS of losses that are hidden in off-balance accounts thanks to unbelievable accounting rules, that allow for NOT accounting what they don’t like, which is a blatant way to allow them to lie to/steal from shareholders.

This situation is crazy, the whole financial balance of the world relies on the decision of a very few people to release the right information when they want.