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Brett Goode uses a unique optimizer

I recently found out that at least one Green Bay Packer and their ‘strength coach’ use a unique natural device that improves physical performance, the Geowave. Leaving no stone unturned is of paramount importance in sport, where the smallest detail can be the difference between losing and winning. Since the Geowave improves the quality of sleep, it directly impacts recovery times, and strength, which surely leads to a more powerful team. This a natural but powerful performance optimizer is a must on every NFL team shopping list. Read the rest of this entry »

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I already told you that the Transocean rig was hit by a MIRACL laser shot from a satellite.

Look at the pictures below, the huge hole in the helicopter pad, and make up your own mind.  These things don’t happen by ‘chance’.

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Geopathic stress has been known for millenia.  There are more than 11,000 reported cases of people suffering from all possible diseases, including cancer, and yet scientists ridicule it, instead of looking for explanations.

Underground water and other energetic problems WILL turn your life in your beautiful house into a nightmare. Insomnia, restless kids, fatigue, depression, back pain, cancer, MS? ‘Tried it all, didn’t work?’ Here is why.

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The dangers of vaccination are becoming more and more public knowledge, so it is not surprising to see more big pharma snakes making stronger and bolder claims to entice people to poison their kids.  This is a good thing because they make their agenda much clearer for everybody to see.

Read this article to see how Dr. Mercola shatters, one by one, the incredibly shallow and fake claims Dr. Snyderman made recently.
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Steal a car, you go to jail.  Refuse big pharma the pleasure of injecting your kids with poisons such as chemo or vaccines, you can go to jail.  Bill S.3081 will even soon waive your Miranda rights.

New Jersey emits fraudulently $ 27 Billion of municipal bonds after lying about their finances and … nothing happens.  They even emitted an additional $ 2 billion just after the ‘trial’.

Who is crazy enough to buy those things, or invest in the markets ?

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You think the SEC is there to protect investors and regulate financial markets ? Think again!

They SEC stole 3.9 Trillions from investors, and don’t want to give it back.  Financial markets at their best!

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This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.  Dolphins making bubble rings with their blowholes …

Even more incredible, those bubbles do not rise to the surface, like any honest bubble would do, but stick together and can be reshaped??  Watch and prepare to be amazed.

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Here is decoded for you the Cap and Trade SCAM.  Obama is pushing his Cap and Trade bill only for him and his friends to make HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS PER YEAR from TAXING the Chicago Climate Exchange.

That one is, unfortunately, a CHANGE that you can REALLY believe in.

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Do you REALLY believe what BP and the US government tells you about the oil spill? Insiders, whistleblowers have reported several leaks since the beginning, and said that the ocean floor is cracked.  BP itself admitted damage of the sea bed a month ago, but they sure do not want to be accountable for that.  So BP and CNN hypnotized everybody with the same video stream for months, and never mentioned the other leaks.  I was wondering when and how they were going to announce it eventually.  The more they waited, the worse it would get for all of them.

Actually, no, it is quite the opposite… Read the rest of this entry »

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Sorry to shatter your ilusions, but FREE means SPYING and CENSORSHIP.  If you really believe that Facebook is not controlled by the CIA or another spying agency, then you need this Red Pill very bad.

There is a global movement by politicians all over the world to censor free speech on the internet.  See my other post.  If you don’t fight this, we’ll all end up in a Chinese type of controlled world.  I am NOT kidding, Senator Joe Lieberman publicly advocates that we move towards a controlled internet similar to China’s.  The writing is on the wall !  Read the rest of this entry »